Whale Ventures, LLC manages development sites from five to one hundred acres, concentrating on single family dwellings and townhomes. The development process requires the knowledge and skills of many professionals:  engineers, surveyors, contractors, inspectors, and city planners. With over ninety years of cumulative experience, you benefit from our established and reliable network of contractors.  We manage the process to complete installation of all infrastructure, including clearing and grading, water and sewer systems, drainage systems, public utilities, roads and sidewalks.  We also ensure that your erosion control plan is implemented, in compliance and prepared for NPDES inspections.

Land development today involves a rigorous set of evaluations and approvals by City and County engineers and inspectors. We ensure that our contractors are meeting the standards set by local issuing authorities.

Prior to land acquisition, our team is available for site evaluation, value engineering, and the coordination and creation of budgets. Whale Ventures will solicit bids on your behalf. We will then review and analyze such bids or proposals and negotiate with any engineers, contractors or other consultants required in connection with the Project to ensure the best pricing possible. All contractors will contract directly with you; we will facilitate the process. We will consistently achieve your goals on time and within your budget.